Too Legit For The Pit - Rad 70035

1. Stretch Armstrong - Express Yourself
2. Candiria - Deep Cover
3. Throwdown - Baby Got Back
4. Hoods - Mama Said Knock You Out
5. The Movielife - I Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man
6. E-Town Concrete - The World Is Yours
7. Clocked In - New Jack Hustler
8. F.O. The Smack Magnet - The Humpty Dance
9. Skarhead - P.S.K! What Does It Mean?
10. Bad Luck 13 - White Lines (Don't Do It)
11. Diehard Youth - Bust A Move
12. No Redeeming Social Value - Fresh



Hardcore Takes The Rap

Features a fresh crop of Hardcore heavyweights interpretting Rap classics, including Brooklyn's CANDIRIA covering "Deep Cover" by Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg, New Jersey's E-TOWN CONCRETE laying claim to "The World Is Yours" by Nas, STRETCH ARM STRONG expressing their own version of N.W.A.'s "Express Yourself", and Newport Beach, CA's THROWDOWN kicking butt on "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-A-Lot. Major Butt!! This song's got a ton of downloads on Napster weeks before it's release!

In keeping with Radical's tradition of ear-to-the-street A&R, TOO LEGIT FOR THE PIT was compiled and produced by 21-year-old Rad retail gal Nichole "HC Spice" Lindsay, who still attends college, where she is the Music Director for radio station WGKR. Nichole came up with the idea for the compilation back in August 2000, and was given the go-ahead to become the A&R. Radical is already calling this cd TOO LEGIT Volume I, and hopes to bring great Hardcore bands to the masses as they brought Oi!, Punk and Ska bands to light with the Oi!/Skampilations Volumes 1-3 series starting in 1994 (*Radical's East Coast of Oi! cd was compiled and produced by Radical intern "The Terror", a 19 year old, 330 pound kid who grew up in a tub of Oi!).

Atlanta, GA Hardcore band CLOCKED IN, who do Ice-T nicely with a version of "New Jack Hustler" have just signed to Radical. The melodic Fugazi-like, twin guitar quintet with a razor-sharp edge, played recent dates with SNAPCASE and BOY SETS FIRE, convincing Radical that they were indeed "the shit" and needed signage asap.

Other amazing Too Legit interps include FUCKO (aka FO) THE SMACK MAGNET speeding through Digital Underground's "The Humpty Dance", THE MOVIELIFE giving flava to Public Enemy's "I Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man" , SKARHEAD's old school drum-machine- enhanced rendition of Schooly D's "P.S.K. What Does It Mean?" and BAD LUCK 13's hilarious rip-snorting tribute to Grandmaster Flash's "White Lines". Queens, NY's NO REDEEMING SOCIAL VALUE's fresh take on "Fresh" by Fresh 3 MC's ends the disc, which marks the temporary reuniting of singers Vinnie Value and Mad Mike D. to the band after a 3-year absence.

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