Sex Slaves

In early 1999, returning cans and bottles became more than a gift to the environment and a way to get your change back. It put a name on a newly-formed three piece Power Pop-Punk band fresh from Long Island. Struggling to make ends meet for funding rehearsal time, the band turned in used cans and bottles in exchange for a name which couldn't be more well suited - "5¢ Deposit."

Founding members, John L. (guitar/vocals), Lieber (drums), and latest addition Brian "Torpedo" Torpey (bass/vocals) create their unique Power Pop-Punk sound exuding the vigorous energy and raw talent which makes "5¢ Deposit" stand above the crowd.
Influences ranging from 50's/60's rock 'n' roll to such bands as NOFX, Green Day, Face To Face and Mxpx, "5¢ Deposit" has developed a flavor all their own, establishing recognition by playing countless shows across the US and abroad (to such places as Germany, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Belgium). The group has also experienced placement on mass amounts of compilation CD's, radio airplay across the country and beyond, appearances on the Warped Tour, reviews in Entertainment Weekly, and songs featured in movies and on T.V. shows such as CBS' "The District"

Staying true to their musical roots and not changing with the fads or latest musical trends that seem to be momentarily popular, "5¢ Deposit" is a band devoted to what they do, with fans devoted to what they create. "5¢ Deposit" is sure to make a lasting impression on the music scene.......

Official 5¢ Deposit Website:

[ 1999 - Present ]


John L. - Guitar/Vocals

Brian - Bass/Backing Vocals

Lieber - Drums

Chris - Bass/Backing Vocals [ 1999 - 2006 ]


5¢ Deposit - Focus on the Negative

We Have Your Daughter - Rad 70043

1. Still Standin'
2. Dec 12th
3. Me Likey
4. In Your Arms
5. Thanks...
6. 11729
7. Nadine
8. Another Song About A Girl
9. Nowhere X Nowhere
10. Burn
11. Paper Cups
12. Apology
13. Hey Me


5¢ Deposit - We Have Your Daughter

We Have Your Daughter - Rad 70039

1. On My Own
2. Bird On A Wire
3. Dropout
4. Broken Frames
5. Pisshead
6. Things Ain't Fine
7. Village Idiots
8. Kickin'It Under
9. Gutter Christ
10. Johnny
11. Stupid Me
12. Falls Apart

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