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Clocked In

CLOCKED IN from Atlanta, GA are a twin guitar quintet with a razor-sharp
edge. The band's debut CD, TIED TO THE MAST, is an inspiring 13-song masterpiece of emo-charged Hardcore, led by singer Matt Sleep's passionate throaty vocals, and two slashing guitars that churn, burn and turn rough-shod riffs of anthemic attitude. TIED TO THE MAST is a
collection of hard-wrought, anguished angst put to guitars, weaving
tales of emotionally draining mayhem, and searching, pleading lyrics
aiming for a positive bent at all costs.

CLOCKED IN, named after a BLACK FLAG song, has been blowing up
Atlanta with their highly energized, no-holds-barred live shows since
1996. Their full-on, melodic hardcore has been gathering an intense
fan base in the past few years. They've shared stages with Snapcase,
Boy Sets Fire, Shutdown, One King Down, Cro-Mags, Shelter, and
Glassjaw, to name a few fellow Hardcore luminaries. Fans of Avail,
Fugazi, Hot Water Music, Quicksand, and Sick Of It All, bands with
vocalists who stand out against a background of determined noise and
locked-in grooves, will appreciate the CLOCKED IN sound.

CLOCKED IN, who appear on Radical Records' comp TOO LEGIT FOR THE PIT - Hardcore Takes The Rap (doing "New Jack Hustler" by ICE-T) are Radical's first Emo-Hardcore signing, representing a change in
direction for the NYC-based Punk, Ska, Oi!, Hardcore label (steered by
the success of TOO LEGIT FOR THE PIT, which has shipped over 7,000
copies and was also released in Japan).

2002 saw CLOCKED IN climbing in their trusty '88 Chevy Conversion van (dubbed "The Gladiator"), to give the kids a taste of the shape of Hardcore to come on their FIT TO BE TIED tour.

Sayeth Matt the throat: "CLOCKED IN is a more interesting, more
exciting bet than spending our 20's slinging beers and painting cars.
It's rebellion against everyone who thinks we can't seriously fulfill
our dreams. CLOCKED IN is rebellion against all of the shallow, crappy
music passing itself off as punk rock right now. CLOCKED IN is about
being the underdog. We're all heart and all guts and no sense and no
shame, and we know that's how it has to be. CLOCKED IN is a fucking
rock band."

[1996 - 2002]

Mike - Guitar
Davey - Guitar
Jason - Bass
Matt - Vocals
Marcus - Drums


Tied To The Mast - Rad 70036

1. Hawthorne Road
2. Tomorrow
3. Burning
4. Out Of Place
5. Summer Donna
6. All Movement
7. Holding On
8. New Start
9. Drive
10. Golden Hour
11. Union
12. Be Ourselves
13. The Gladiator Can't Fail


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