PUNK'S NOT DEAD: Exploited Tribute

Punk's Not Dead - Rad 7002628

1 Blanks 77 - Punk's Not Dead
2 Dehumanized - Don't Forget the Chaos
3 Billyclub - UK82
4 Bruisers - SPG
5 Road Rage - Alternative
6 Niblick Henbane - Cop Cars
7 Heidnik Stew - Dangerous Visions
8 US Chaos - USA
9 Violent Society - I Hate You
10 Squiggy - Fuck The Mods
11 Last Year's Youth - Army Life
12 Abalienation - Don't Pay the Poll Tax
13 I.C.U. - Dead Cities
14 The Cuffs - Blown To Bits
15 Last Call - Dogs Of War
16 Specila Duties - Sid Vicious Was Innocent
17 Bomf! - Safe Below

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A Tibute to the Exploited:
Punk's Not Dead

Nearly twenty years ago, a group of young Scottish punks formed what was to become one of the best known UK punk bands, The Exploited. Their over-the-top lyrics and antics showed that they had their fingers on the pulse of the nation, ie. that the govt. was corrupt and the people weren't going to take it anymore. Even though they'd been known to incite riots, The Exploited received critical acclaim and were invited to perform on the BBC's Top of the Pops TV show. People wondered if the notorious band had finally sold out, but The Exploited proved they were punks through and through, and that Punk was certainly not Dead.

This explosive tribute does some rough justice to the original cuts with Street Punk and Oi! bands such as Niblick Henbane, Violent Society, Bomf!, the Bruisers, and Squiggy doing renditions of their favorite Exploited anthems. Among the bands included on the Radical roster is Blanks 77 jibber-jabbering through "Punk's Not Dead," the UK's Road Rage doing "Alternative," I.C.U. fitting "Dead Cities" into their ominous style and The Cuffs ripping out "Blown to Bits." Definately not the typical mediocre tribute album.

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