From Safety To Where?

Sex Slaves

From the artwork to the name, it's impossible to predict what type of
music From Safety To Where plays. The opening notes of its raucous
debut clear things up immediately, however. The band hides subtle,
memorable melodies underneath explosive rhythms and shrill screams.
With a penchant for dark, melodic bass lines, angular guitar work, and
libidinous drumming, From Safety To Where has merged seemingly
disparate styles into a seamless attack. The release of its 7" EP in
2000 marked a shift in direction for the band. Melody replaced noise
as the dominant factor, while streamlined vocals were interspersed
with the more familiar chaotic shrieks and energetic bursts of noise.

On its second album, Irreversible Trend, this Columbia, South Carolina
trio moves beyond the pigeon-holing aspects of hardcore punk to
incorporate more melody and texture. With the addition of keyboards
and minimal effects, the band enhances the moodiness inherent to its
core sound and explores a more expansive musical breadth. The edges
are sharper while the songs are more cohesive and consistent without
losing the potency and immediacy of its previous output. The screaming
has tapered a bit to allow for even more melodic singing, which steers
the songs in unexpected and even catchy directions. Irreversible Trend
is a giant leap forward for a band that is constantly evolving.

Press Discography
"they are your typical young guys, poised at emotional DefCon 4, ready
to unleash their bottled rage in the storied battle of skinny
teenagers that will take place when the hardcore apocalypse comes."

"the words are peppered so sparsely and paced so perfectly that each
verse has time to sink in and really get under your skin, forcing you
to pay attention and become lost in the music." – Unclezine

"the tension between melody and noise is really the distinguishing
factor in the band's signature sound." –

"Now I will mention indie rock in a favorable way. From Safety To
Where blends a raw version of Carolina indie rock (Superchunk save the
pop saturation) and Carolina screamo (raise your hand if you remember
the convulsions of Eurich) on their 7-inch." –Maximum Rock And Roll

[1997 - 2005]

Eric Greenwood - bass voice
Jay Hubbell - drums
Steven Walters - guitar, occasional voice


Irreversible Trend - Rad 7003823

1. Irreversible Trend
2. Leaving Early
3. Only Now
4. Worksong
5. Static
6. Monument
7. Vertical
8. Minus Mine
9. Remainder
10. Mechanical


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