Never Mind The Sex Pistols - Rad 7003328

1. Booked -Holidays In The Sun
2. L.E.S. Stitches -Bodies
3. The Generators -No Feelings
4. Submachine -Liar
5. Krays -Problems
6. I.C.U. -God Save The Queen
7. Total Chaos -Seventeen
8. Blanks 77 -Anarchy In The U.K.
9. Boils -Sub-Mission
10. Ducky Boys -Pretty Vacant
11. Murphy's Law -New York
12. Lower Class Brats -EMI
13. Malefactors -Belson Was A Gas
14. Billy Club -I Wanna Be Me
15. Showcase Showdown -Satelite
16. Niblick Henbane -Friggin' In the Riggin



Never Mind The Sex Pistols, Here's the Tribute

Rock 'N' Roll and rebellion go hand-in-hand, but it's easy to forget how much the Sex Pistols shook things up in Britain in 1977 - riots and strikes were a fact of life in the U.K., and "No Future" was more than just a refrain from the Pistols' anti-anthem "God Save the Queen." The Pistols helped bring Punk Rock to the world, in the process creating a dynamic that would alter the music business for years to come. Powered by Steve Jones' crunchy guitar, Paul Cook's solid drumming and singer Johnny Rotten's snarling lyrics, tunes such as "Anarchy in the U.K." and "Pretty Vacant" provided the soundtrack for discontented youth and sound just as vital now as then. The attitude that they embodied reached out beyond the music; the Pistols swore on live national television, were banned from radio stations and concert halls, and were thrown off two record labels, eventually self-destructing on tour in 1978. Sid Vicious died of a drug overdose while awaiting trial for the murder of his girlfriend. All this in barely two years, and they have just one album to show for it, 1977's "Never Mind the Bollocks -- Here's the Sex Pistols."

From the commotion of the "God Save The Queen" single (which reached #1 in the UK), to the profane TV chat-show with Bill Grundy, the Sex Pistols were the scourge of the U.K., and a major influence on a plethora of U.S. bands as well.

Radical Records already has a connection to Punk's original pioneers, as Sid Vicious' mom, Anne Beverly, formed Road Rage in response to the Sex Pistols' 1996 reunion tour. Radical kicks out the bollocks and delivers a most-worthy tribute featuring Murphy's Law aptly covering "New York", Blanks 77 paying homage to their idols on "Anarchy in the UK" as well as the Boils, Ducky Boys, LES Stitches and more. With the release of the Julien Temple-directed Sex Pistols documentary "The Filth and The Fury" in movie theatres now, the time is right for another look at the greatest Punk Rock songs ever written, by some of the greatest Punk Rockers out there today.

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