Three salacious young gents from the Lower East Sideof New York City are here, lock up your ladies. In 2003 Eric13, singer, guitarist and a rock community mainstay from Philly, recently transplanted to New York, met a brother-in-arms in towering bassist Del Cheetah. Hellbent on a rock n’ roll mission of the highest order, they began to write songs based on their experiences. The music reflects their identity, their influences, and their way of life - something every boy and girl could relate to.

They self released their debut "Nikki" in the US and in Japan on Wizzard-in-Vinyl. The initial pressing disappeared almost instantly, so they soon followed it with a live album, "Pull The Trigger". The current line-up was finalized with the addition of drummer and New York band stalwart, J/Bomb. They were lean, mean and professional. Three US tours and two Japanese tours solidified the SEX SLAVES' reputation as the toughest, baddest and hardest working band in NYC. Drawing on influences like the Misfits, Dead Boys, The Cult, Sex Pistols, Guns 'N' Roses, The Beatles, and one of the original music outlaws, Hank Williams, the SLAVES took their music to the masses, playing venues all across the country from CBGB's to LA's Viper Room and a memorable performance on opening night at Slamdance in Salt Lake City, Utah. They caught the attention of several American and Japanese publications, as well as rock icons Gene Simmons, C.C. DeVille, Davey Havoc and Lemmy Kilmister.

They created their Radical debut album, "Bite Your Tongue", with producer Ray Martin at Shelter Island Studios in New York City. With songs like "We're Goin' Out Tonight", "See You Naked", and their hit "Thank God For Jack Daniel's", fans can instantly relate to the SEX SLAVE lifestyle. No one can be prepared for the all-out rock 'n' roll experience that is SEX SLAVES. Just see them live. Blood, sweat and booze pour out of the SLAVES at every show. Their killer songs keep the crowd involved; the connection they share with their fans is undeniable. They sing about girls, girls and more girls, with girls screaming their heads off in the front row for more.

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[ 2002 - Present ]

Del Cheetah - Bass, Vocals
Eric 13 - Guitar, Vocals
J. Bomb - Drums


Sex Slaves - Bite Your Tongue

Bite Your Tongue - Rad 70042

1. We're Going Out Tonight
2. Me & My Friends
3. All Night Long
4. Contagious
5. One More Night
6. Search + Destroy
7. Thank God For Jack Daniels
8. See You Naked
9. Kiss Me
10. 2 a.m.
11. Writing On The Wall
12. Miss Jones


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