Sex Slaves


Growing up in Detroit has made an impression on the lives of the
members of Social Scare. It has taught them that nothing comes easy,
it is up to them to make a difference and to accentuate their
uniqueness. Social Scare started four years ago, when they were just
in the eighth grade, Mark (Bass, Vocals), Shawn (Guitar, Vocals) and
Kevin (Drums, Vocals) can confidently say they know how to stick with
a project.

Shawn has the added responsibilities of running his own record label, Room 13 Records, on which Social Scare has put out three of their seven releases. Social Scare has released a cassette demo Real (Room 13 Records), "No Govt." seven inch (Room 13 Records) and a self-titled split seven inch with Bourgeois Filth (Filthy Stinkin' Records). They have also been featured on several comps including: For My Loving Friends (Room 13 Records) and Michigan Compilation (Enerject Records). Their full-length debut CD Sound Formula was released on Radical Records, in late Summer '98.

The sound of Social Scare lends itself back to the old school days of Hardcore Punk, when bands were neither just Hardcore nor just Punk but a hybrid of the two. It is due to this ambiguity that allows Social Scare to play with a variety of bands like Suicide Machines, Blanks77, Skolars, Total Chaos, Against All Authority and many others. Some things that can be said about Social Scare's sound are that they are fast, powerful and energetic with frantically vicious vocals. Even though they are young in age they are wise in the ways of the world. Their lyrics tackle a wide range of political views: "Keep Us Free" deals with the right to bear arms and the innocent lives that jeopardized because of that freedom; "Blind Hatred" questions a persons racial views when they are in need of help; whereas "Garrow" questions a countries need to conquer smaller ones just to prove that they are strongest.

[1994 - 2000]

Mark - Bass, Vocals
Shawn - Guitar, Vocals
Kevin - Drums, Voclas


Sound Formula - Rad 70020

1. Kids Today
2. Hearsay
3. Keep Us Free
4. Blind Hatred
5. Refuse To Live That Way
6. Garrow
7. Sound Formula
8. 200 Years
9. Inspite
10. Dangerous Journey
11. L.W.
12. Greenback
13. Fifteen


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