Sex Slaves



There's more to Utah than Mormons, now that Sturgeon General are
exporting Stout, their debut full-length on Radical Records. The
"U-Ska" of the Sturgeons kicks Mormonite buttocks with their
six-piece, energetic hyper-ska for boozin' skankers. STURGEON
GENERAL WARNING: This band has a stout named after them, Sturgeon
General Ska Brew! It's a dream come true for every beer swilling
skankster, to have a beer and a CD with their moniker on them.

Just like their ale, Sturgeon General's sound is a blend of all
natural flavors from ska to reggae to rock to country to soul:
Craig "The Tooth" Waddell's distinct vocal style, a horn section with
chops to spare and a rhythm section that provides the all-night
arsenal for the Sturgeon's original, quirky skanks. Stout pleases a
wide variety of tastes with the soulful "She Knows My Name" to the
hyper "Prozac" to the skankin' "Mojave."

From their lowly beginnings in Fish City, Utah, Sturgeon General has
built a following in the Inter-Mountain West, playing their unique
brand of Ska, mixed with jazzy excursions of a punk-hardcore variety;
doing cover songs from Charles Mingus to Black Sabbath, giving the
classically-trained Sturgeons an opportunity to show their
instrumental chops and plethora of influences. Sturgeon General are
militant in their musical attitude, with a strong desire to get to
where they want to go: play their brand of music, get everyone to hear
it, get people dancing, have fun and drink beer!

Sturgeon General have shared the stage with such great acts as The
Aquabats, Let's Go Bowling, Isaac Green and the Skolars and Cherry
Poppin' Daddies. Sturgeon General brings their alcohol-induced
party to every city as they fish their way across America. So, be on the look out for the Sturgeon's "Hyper-Ska Hijinx" (as dubbed by the Salt Lake City's City Weekly) and their stout. Butbe warned- this Stout is not government-regulated, so you never know what kind of a kick you'll get with each intoxicating sip.

Craig "The Tooth" Waddell - Lead Vox, Baritone Sax
Bill Hosack - Alto Sax, Backing Vox
Simon Zachary - Guitar, Backing Vox
"Mighty" Joe Kaufman - Bass, Backing Vox
Nate Robinson - Drums


Stout - Rad 70021

1. Ska In G
2. Mojave
3. Saturday
4. Teenage Wedding
5. Edge Of The Knife
6. Prozac
7. She Knows My Name
8. Vine Street
9. Darkness
10. Laundry
12. Sourass
13. Ska Out G...


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