FRESH OUT OF GIVE-A-FUCK'S, Submachine's debut Radical Records CD, is beer-fueled, fast and furious Punk, chock full of abrasive, crunchy, metallic riffs, topped by the gravelly voice of Alex Lewinger, who wails tales of social debauchery and anti-authoritarian unrest.

Submachine burst onto the Pittsburgh Punk scene Halloween '90, their pummeling Hardcore attack ranking the band among the East Coast's heaviest outfits. Raised on '80's working-class hardcore acts such as Discharge and The Exploited, Submachine have literally distilled punk rock to its pure, no-bullshit essence. No utopian views for Submachine: "we were pegged as a drunk punk band - we were drinking way before that term landed on us." FRESH OUT OF GIVE-A-FUCK'S is music to get drunk to; deep, down... Submachine drunk.

Aiming for an old Punk simplicity, Submachine can't avoid the influence of heavier strains of Punk and Hardcore. Says co-founder, former member Doug Fedwick: "I always thought that a Pittsburgh band should sound like machinery, not in the sense of imitating it, but of reminding you of machinery and feeling like it - that's what we want." They're five angry, working-class people who believe that music should be entertaining first and political as infrequently as possible. The band consider some of their more socially- conscious material to be merely observations of the world they inhabit.

"We work for a living and we have less time to sit around and think about things." Themes of frustration, confusion and alienation blast through FRESH OUT OF GIVE-A-FUCK'S. "We're basically working class and our concerns are the mundane issues of work, play and protest. We don't have the pretense to think we have any answers or great theories. We have fun complaining loud as hell. We love playing small crowded bars that smell like sweat and hairspray. We eat lots of Polish food. We're normal people, made punk by virtue of our big mouths and disrespectful smartass attitudes."

The Steel City's biggest drawing Punk band have toured relentlessly and sold plenty of vinyl, LPs and 7"s over the course of their 10 year history, playing with bands such as The Dwarves, Blanks '77, Motorhead, the Lunachicks, NOFX, the Queers, REO Speedealer, Man or Astroman? and Fear amonst other Kings of Punk Rock.

Keeping the Pittsburgh scene alive and interesting, Submachine has splintered into diverse projects such as the Midnight Murderers, The Plastered Bastards, the Gary Abuseys, Caustic Christ and the Short Dark Strangers. For those with nostalgia for this heavy hitter from the city of Steel, check out their new DVD, Loose at the Moose on Da' Core records.

[1990 - ?]

Alex Peightel - Vocals
Jeff Cherep - Guitar
Rick Budway - Guitar
Greg Mairs - Drums
Jay "Cha-Chi" Nulph- Bass


Fresh Out Of Give-A-Fucks - Rad 70032

1. Pet Band
2. Aimless In The Face Of A Bomb
3. Mind Your Own
4. No End
5. Raze It
6. Fight
7. Crash And Burn
8. Rush Hour/Bad Day For People
9. If You Try To Live
10. Ridin' The Rails
11. Three Wheels And A Tank Of Nitros
12. Trocaderro Riot
13. Blue Plate Special
14. Of Heroes
15. T.V.Preacher
16. Self Conscious
17. Withered On The Vine
18. The Beer Hunter Bong Meister
19. Unhinged


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